What Drives Us

Everyone deserves to thrive online. This means equal access to all the benefits of the digital economy, digital resources, and digital society. It also means protection from the harms of financial crime, fraud, misinformation. The way that we manage digital identity (as individuals, businesses, governments, and society) has the power to heighten the benefits. And the risks.

Our company, IDPartner, is part of a global community working to meet these opportunities head-on.

First and foremost, we believe that all people own their unique identity information, have rights to control how it's used, and that many will want the peace-of-mind of a trusted partner who can keep that data safe, secure, and accessible to them.

We also believe that businesses deserve to know what they need to know in order to reduce fraud and illegitimate use by bots, impersonators, and other bad actors. Further, they should be able to build this trust without subjecting legitimate users to clunky processes and invasive data collection (including biometrics and document scanning). Instead, they deserve to compete on the basis of their core products.

To do this, we are partnering widely (it's in the name) and working to connect trusted, regulated entities - including many that exist today - and enabling them to provide identity services to their customers and the businesses that they want to work with across the internet.

Meet the team

Francisco Delgado
Founding Engineer
Gio Alberto
Founding Engineer
Chris McCaw
VP Engineering / Founding Engineer
Brenan Isabelle
Co-founder / Chief Growth Officer
Elizabeth Garber
Co-founder / Chief Strategy Officer
Trish Burgess
Co-founder / COO
Rod Boothby
Co-founder / CEO