Forming a More Trusted Web

Reusable Identity Powered by Banks and other Trusted Institutions

Envision a future where the internet is a secure and trustworthy place - free from fraud, misinformation, and cybercrime. This is the world we're working to create: a future where everyone can access the digital world with trust and confidence.

A Global Marketplace for User-Controlled Identity

A working internet identity layer will combat cybercrime, misinformation, and distrust. We believe people need the choice to work with trusted identity custodians that can help them live their digital lives with confidence.

FOR Businesses
Know Your Customers.
IDPartner is the high assurance, low friction way for your customers to prove who they are, wherever they are.
FOR Individuals
Verify Yourself.
You own your unique identity information and have the right to control its use. Choose your trusted reusable identity partner.
FOR Banks
Be Indispensable.
High-trust institutions, like banks, can help their customers have safer, faster, and easier online experiences.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a trusted, user-controlled, global marketplace for reusable digital identity that enables people to thrive online.


Founding team

Rod Boothby
Co-founder / CEO
Chris McCaw
VP Engineering / Founding Engineer
Francisco Delgado
Founding Engineer
Gio Alberto
Founding Engineer


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Our founders led the Open Digital Trust initiative at the Institute of International Finance and play a leading role in the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) initiative the OpenID Foundation, Open Identity Exchange, Cloud Signature Consortium, the Secure Identity Alliance, and the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation.

In 2022, IDPartner was accepted into StartX, the #1 nationally ranked startup accelerator based out of Stanford.