The Fastest Way to Verify User Identity

Bank-based ID stops bots and fraud

IDPartner helps your users prove their identity in seconds with a verification from their bank.

Developer Process

1. Sign up and get your API Key

2. Add the IDPartner button to your Site
3. npm install @idpartner/node-oidc-client
4. Add code to process the response JWT

Verified Sign-In Made Easy

Show you are not a bot on Linkedin or X

It doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive to verify your name on social media. With a few quick steps, your bank can vouch for you and protect your privacy.

Social Login that's Bank-Verified

IDPartner empowers your users to prove who they are with a privacy-preserving, bank-grade verification of their identity.

Built by developers, for developers, our SDK sets you up with a flexible OpenID client that meets FAPI 2 security standards and returns a JWT with a rich set of claims.

One integration, one global network

Set up the IDPartner button with two lines of code. and use the @idpartner/node-oidc-client SDK to simplify setting up your OIDC client - or configure a generic client to integrate with our network.

Uptime You Can Always Count On

Our APIs are robust and reliable - so you can focus your energy on your core business.

Digital Trust Platform for Banks

A powerful new set of identity services that complement existing investments in KYC, IAM, and mobile banking.


Our team has deep experience in identity and banking.


IDPartner’s Founding team has served in leadership roles at some of the world’s largest financial institutions and led the development of groundbreaking products in payments and identity. Its Engineers built a product that powers millions of logins every day.

Over the last 4 years, they have led the Open Digital Trust Initiative at the Institute of International Finance and the Global Assured Identity Network movement with leading standards bodies. Learn more about the team here.


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IDPartner is the high assurance, low friction way for your customers to prove who they are, wherever they are.

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