Become Indispensable to Your Customers

Help them manage & protect their identity assets - inside your app and beyond.

Banks Can Build Trust Online

Anonymity creates real problems, from financial crime to misinformation. But banks have the power - and existing capabilities - to enhance trust on the internet.

Banks Already Have

Customer Trust

Banks have earned the trust of customers over time - and that trust is underpinned by regulators - giving them an edge over other solutions.

High Levels of User Engagement

Banks interact regularly with their primary customers, creating many opportunities to keep identity information up to date.

Extensive Investments in KYC

Banks make major investments to know their customers and meet regulatory requirements.

Best-in-Class Authentication

Banks also invest in knowing who their customers are each time they return, thus ensuring that customers’ assets are safe.

Privacy and Security Incentive

A bank’s business model incentivizes privacy and security by design - and so do the regulatory frameworks that govern them.

IDPartner’s Trust Platform for Banks

A complete solution that delivers a powerful new set of identity services for your clients and complements existing investments in KYC, IAM, and mobile banking.

Join the network

Like our vision? Learn how your bank can become a trusted reusable identity provider in the IDPartner network .

Your bank will be at the top of the identity “wallet” that powers customers’ digital lives. Enhance relevance, earn loyalty, and deepen relationships.
Generate New 
Turn your investment in KYC and Identity and Access Management cost center into a source of revenue generation that adds real value for people and businesses online.
Digital Engagement
As your customers’ chosen Identity Partner, your brand will be seen across the internet and your app will be the vault for customers’ identity assets - a place they will visit and update time and again.
Reduce Costs
Create powerful incentives for customers to keep important KYC, AML, and contact data up-to-date: provide a concierge service that facilitates your customers’ access across the internet.


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IDPartner is the high assurance, low friction way for your customers to prove who they are, wherever they are.

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