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Bank-grade, reusable identification made easy

Existing Identity Systems are Ineffective

Today’s solutions place heavy burdens on organizations to become experts in identity and access management. They must make impossible risk trade-offs between security and access, privacy and personalization, friction and ease.

Basic Identity Problems

Fake Accounts

Fraud and Misinformation

Difficult Account Recovery

Compromised User Privacy

Verification is Hard

Cumbersome Processes

High Dropout Rates

Expensive Tools

Complex Vendor Management

How IDPartner Helps

IDPartner combines the convenience and speed of social login with the trust and security of the global financial system.

Verified Onboarding

Simplify onboarding with a user-friendly, privacy-focused verified sign-on solution that reduces fake accounts, combats fraud, and minimizes user burden.

User Privacy

Provide your users with the flexibility to exercise privacy control and choose their preferred identity partner.

Fewer Bots

Increase trust and safety, enhance honesty in reviews, deter AI-powered attacks, and enable your business to combat fraud, impersonation, and bot misuse.


Leverage the global financial system’s investment in strong customer identification, authentication, and data security: banks are regulated to keep data secure.

Reduce Fraud

Reduce fraud and chargebacks with bank-grade verifications of your end users.

Verified Sign-In Made Easy

Our Technology

Explore our developers guide for businesses and banks or ID Verification companies that want to join the IDPartner network.

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Use Cases for Bank-Grade Identity

Document Signing

Know that the person reading and signing your contract is really who they claim to be.

Background Checks

Quickly verify the identity and qualifications of job applicants, tenants, or other individuals.

Trust and Safety

Verify users on your platform so that your marketplace can thrive, free from bots and fraudsters.

Secure Customer Portals

Drive digital engagement by simplifying sign up and secure access for your billing and communications channels.

How To Get Started

Try it Out
Create a free account and try the IDPartner sandbox.
Establish Trust
Verify your business to join the network as a trusted third party.
Start Verifying
Deploy a few lines of customizable code and empower your users.

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IDPartner is the high assurance, low friction way for your customers to prove who they are, wherever they are.

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