Safe, Reusable Digital Identity

Easily prove who you are and navigate the internet with confidence

The way we identify ourselves online causes real problems.

Password fatigue

Jumping through hoops to prove our identity

Identity theft, financial fraud, and other forms of cybercrime

Bots and misinformation everywhere

Invasive tracking of private data and its exposure to breaches

IDPartner Helps you Thrive Online

It’s Your Data

At IDPartner, we believe that owning and controlling your unique identity information is crucial, and our trusted partners make it easy for you to do so on your own terms. If you know an individual or business is who they claim to be, you can navigate your digital life with greater confidence

IDPartner never stores your private information. Read more about your privacy and security here

Prove Who You Are
Verify your identity credentials faster, without invasive tracking, biometric scans, or unreliable and costly services.
Make the internet safer
With IDPartner, you can make digital transactions and social interactions more trustworthy and secure.
Forget passwords altogether!
Log in securely with your IDPartner, and they will verify only the necessary information for the website you are visiting.
Trusted Reusable ID
Select a trusted bank or reusable identity partner to keep your data safe, secure, and accessible.

If you don't see IDPartner as a login or verification option on your favorite websites, request it today!

Show you are not a bot on Linkedin or X

It doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive to verify your name on social media. With a few quick steps, your bank can vouch for you and protect your privacy.


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IDPartner is the high assurance, low friction way for your customers to prove who they are, wherever they are.

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