Sign in with IDPartner now available in Auth0 Marketplace

SANFRANCISCO, Calif., August 21, 2023 – Today, IDPartner, the leading bank-based reusable identity company, announced the availability of its service on Auth0 marketplace, a trusted directory oftechnology integrations that complement the Okta Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0. This partnership will enhance access to reusable digital identity for thousands of Okta customers.

 The dual benefits of the integration are a low friction alternative to ID verification methods like Photo ID scans and Knowledge-based Authentication, as well as a highly secure sign-in capability that delegates authentication to the end user’s preferred bank. Use cases include document signing, client portal registration and access, and employee onboarding.

 “We are extremely proud to be joining the Auth0 marketplace,” said Rod Boothby, IDPartner CEO. “This is ahuge step forward in our mission to bring bank-based reusable IDs mainstream.To accomplish this, we are bringing financial institutions both the technology and the demand to provide identity-as-a-service to their client base everywhere they need to be trusted online.”

How IDPartner works on Auth0

 IDPartner has created a social login integration that simplifies onboarding, sign-in, and account recovery processes for end users and businesses that require a higher level of trust and security.

 To sign up for a site or app, the user clicks the ‘Choose your IDPartner’ button and selects their preferred financial institution or reusable identity credential. The user authenticates and consents to share personal information before being redirected back to the site.

 IDPartner supports thousands of financial institutions in the US and UK with additional countries coming soon. Additionally, anyone with a US Drivers License orPassport can verify their identity using Airside, the developer of a user-controlled digital identity app that is approved by TSA and used by the world’s largest airline.

About IDPartner Systems

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, IDPartnerSystems is the global marketplace for consumer-controlled digital identity.Adding two lines of IDPartner code to a site or app creates a dynamic ‘Continue with bank" button that connects the user to their preferred verification partner, with coverage at launch of more than 250 million people. Learn more at