Integrations and channel partnerships expand biometrics market reach

A series of integrations and distribution partnerships have been unveiled, bringing behavioral, face, and voice biometrics from Badge, IDPartner, RecFaces and Auraya to new groups of customers.

Startup Badge integrates with Ping

Startup Badge has emerged from stealth with an integration of its privacy-preserving authentication technology with Ping Identity’s no-code digital identity orchestration service.

Badge’s software enables the use of biometrics for authentication on any device, according to the announcement. It derives private keys using biometrics and factors chosen by the user without hardware tokens or secrets, the company says. Badge bills itself as providing “Identity without Secrets.”

The software has been integrated with PingOne DaVinci through Ping’s Global Technology Partner Program.

“Badge is revolutionizing privacy for consumers so that enterprises can safely move to a future without the liability of storing user biometric templates, pins, or secrets,” says Charles Herder, Badge co-founder and MIT Cryptography Ph.D. “Our partnership with Ping Identity is in line with our commitment to integrate our patented and award-winning technology seamlessly with partners using open standards to extend privacy-preserving authentication to the masses.”

IDPartner joins Auth0 market

Startup IDPartner has brought its bank-based reusable digital identity service to the Auth0 marketplace.

Technologies offered on the Auth0 marketplace can be integrated with the Okta Customer Identity Cloud. IDPartner’s availability gives Okta customers access to social login integration for simplified onboarding, sign-ins and account recovery in applications that require trust and security, according to the announcement. Thousands of banks and Airside can provide identity verification supported by IDPartner.

“This is a huge step forward in our mission to bring bank-based reusable IDs mainstream,” says IDPartner CEO Rod Boothby. “To accomplish this, we are bringing financial institutions both the technology and the demand to provide identity-as-a-service to their client base everywhere they need to be trusted online.”

IDPartner closed a $3.1 million seed funding round in April.

RecFaces integrates with VMS

RecFaces’ facial recognition software Id-Guard has been integrated with the Milestone XProtect video management software, and has joined the Milestone Marketplace to reach physical security customers around the world.

Id-Guard can process more than a thousand real-time video streams simultaneously, and provides security operators with a full range of features, according to the announcement. The software links identified individuals with events and timestamps, and allows users to view photos or video fragments from XProtect’s recording archive to minimize the time needed for incident analysis.

RecFaces recently shared the results of a retail deployment of its facial recognition, which delivered a high return on investment through theft reduction.

Auraya biometrics integrated into Five9 platform

A partnership between Auraya and Five9 has been expanded to deliver voice biometrics for both active and passive authentication, in either IVA or agent interactions.

Auraya is providing the native biometrics capability of the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform with its ArmorVox AI.

The voice biometrics provider is also sponsoring the upcoming Five9 CX Summit, August 15 to 17 in Las Vegas.