Podcast plug: Fighting deepfakes with Digital ID – a discussion with Rod Boothby, ID Partners

In the latest episode of NAB Digital Next, host Brad Carr speaks with a world leader in Digital ID, Rod Boothby, CEO and Founder of ID Partner.

In this podcast Rod shares his path to creating ID Partner as a trusted network operator and elaborates on his vision to connect to networks globally for those who want to support their customers with digital verification.

CEO and Founder of ID Partner, Rod Boothby

Through a conversation that also touches on the Taylor Swift phenomenon and Jennifer Coolidge’s Super Bowl ad, Rod highlights the importance of demonstrating human realness particularly in a world of increased use in AI/bots and deepfakes. He also raises the need for organisations to understand what business they are really in and the key to adopting Digital ID is giving people the choice in the vehicle they most trust.

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